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MedFlight Freedom

Designed to help put you back in control during an emergency away from home

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MedFlight Freedom

Stay More In Control During An Emergency


Why Do You Need NRA Endorsed MedFlight Freedom?

Because YOU Decide Where You Get Your Care & What Happens To Your Family

You can be evacuated to a better hospital

Ambulances usually take you to the closest hospital in an emergency. But just because it's close doesn't mean it's the BEST hospital for your care. MedFlight Freedom gives you the power to say you want to be flown home for treatment by your OWN doctors. Or the option to say you want to be flown to a renowned facility like the Mayo Clinic for more specialized care*.

Choices like that – which you won't find in today's health insurance – help put you back in control during an emergency.

Your loved ones won't be stranded during your medical emergency

Health insurance plans are not travel agents. They will not buy your family plane tickets home if a medical emergency strikes while you're all traveling. But MedFlight Freedom gives you the choice to get them back home ... where they can be looked after by family and friends ... while you concentrate on getting better. Of course, the plane tickets home cost you NOTHING.

You won't be alone during a medical emergency

If you were traveling alone and a medical emergency arose, your health insurance most likely will NOT fly a loved one to your bedside. But MedFlight Freedom gives you more control of your care by flying your spouse or another loved one to stay by your side if you're in the hospital for three days or more ... watching over your care ... helping you focus on your recovery. With MedFlight Freedom, the plane ticket to bring your loved one to you (and back home after you're released from the hospital) costs you NOTHING.

A Name You Can Trust.

MedFlight Freedom is officially endorsed by the National Rifle Association. You’re not only choosing to protect yourself and your family when you enroll, but a portion of your MedFlight Freedom enrollment fee goes back to the NRA. That means you’re directly supporting important NRA programs and defending your Second Amendment Rights.

*This is only an outline of the plan. Please read your Member Benefits Guide carefully to understand all the services available to you, as well as any terms, conditions and limitations.


Summary of Exclusive Benefits From NRA Endorsed MedFlight Freedom:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation To Another Hospital – To evacuate you to a better hospital OR take you to a hospital closer to home during a medical emergency while away from home. (Choice for YOU on your medical care)
  • Family Airfare – To bring a family member to your side during a medical emergency if you need to stay in the hospital for three days or more while you were on a trip by yourself. (Choice for YOU if you're traveling alone)
  • Airfare Home – To bring you home safely after your medical emergency (Choice for YOU when your emergency is over)
  • Airfare Home For Spouse/Dependent Children – To get your loved ones home once you've recuperated from the medical emergency (Choice for YOUR FAMILY to help keep them safe)
  • Emergency Medical Monitoring – To make sure you're getting the RIGHT care in the RIGHT hospital (Choice for YOU to stay more in control of your care)
  • Vehicle Return – To get your car, truck or even an RV home if your medical emergency means you can't drive it yourself and no one else in your travel group is able to drive it home either (Choice for YOU to take care of your property)
  • Prescription Replacement – Helps get a new supply to you if lost or stolen (Choice to help YOU stay on top of your treatment)
  • Lost Luggage/Lost Document Service – Helps locate lost bags and helps speed up the replacement of lost passports, credit cards and other important documents (Choice for YOU to protect your belongings)
  • Bonus Benefits To Help Relieve Stress & Eliminate Headaches – Worldwide translation services, emergency message relay services, and much more (Choice for YOU to travel more confidently)

Choose the Domestic & International Family Plan and receive these important additional benefits! Should an international or military event place you in harm’s way, or should a natural disaster make your destination uninhabitable, we will arrange and pay for evacuation from a safe departure point to the nearest safe location and then all the way back home. If you’re delayed at the safe haven, your lodging will be arranged and paid for up to three days if needed. We’ll also arrange and pay your airfare back to the U.S.

* This is only an outline of the plan's features. Please read your Member Benefit Guide carefully to understand all the services available to you, as well as any terms, conditions and limitations.


Emergency airlift evacuation can run as much as $50,000.00 in the U.S. In a foreign country, costs are even HIGHER. And airfare easily runs $300.00 ... $700.00 ... or even more for every ticket.

But MedFlight Freedom takes care of all of those costs for you. Giving you more choices during a medical emergency. And here's how little this extra control costs:

  • Domestic Family Coverage: $169/year
  • Domestic & International Family Coverage: $229/year

Plus -- you have a 30-Day Risk-Free Refund Guarantee. If you decide MedFlight Freedom is not for you, call us within 30 days and we'll completely refund your payment as long as you haven't used the services.


Who is included under the MedFlight Freedom protection?

As long as the Member signs up, all family members who meet the definition of dependent are protected: the Member's spouse (to include legally recognized domestic partner); the Member's unmarried children from birth and under age 19; or under age 23, if enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited college, university, vocational, or technical school; and children whose support is required by a court decree. Children must be primarily dependent on the Member for support and maintenance and must live in a parent-child relationship with the Member.

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With a 30-day RISK-FREE REFUND GUARANTEE you don't risk a penny by locking in NRA Endorsed MedFlight Freedom now. Your MedFlight Freedom privileges start the first day of the month after your enrollment form and first annual payment are received. Once your Welcome Kit arrives, take a full 30 days to review your Member Benefit Guide. If you decide that NRA Endorsed MedFlight Freedom isn’t for you, just let us know within 30 days and you will receive a full refund of your enrollment fees — as long as you have not used the service.